• Privileged Member of MSME India
    (Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises)
  • We are also CARE rated in India.
    International rating body for a company
  • We are active in SNPM in India.
    It’s a international shipping network group
  • We are also ISO Certified.
    ISO 9001:2015

Movement of Ethylene Plant

Successfully executed movement of 2000 cbm of engineering goods, storage vessels to Egypt from factory in Rabale (Navi mumbai). The job was well planned and executed keeping in mind the ODC units matching delivery to the vessel without any detention to customer.

Movement of 36” Steel pipes

Successfully executed movement of 30000 cbm of pipes bare and coated to Egypt from Mundra A unique loading of pipes on top of bulk cargo (high density) helped us in reducing the ocean freight by 100000 USD thus winning the trust and appreciation from customer. The pipes reached the destination safely.

Movement of 3 Noss Mobile Harbourr Cranes

Successfully executed movement of 3 MHC, each weighing 375 mt. Again a unique loading as all the three cranes weighed 350+ mt and had booms fitted. The cranes where loaded one by one with ships cranes and moved on the hatchcover for final stowage and lashing. Once again a heavy task executed smoothly and safely.

Movement of 5 noss Gasifiers for Paradip IOC refinery

Successfully executed movement of of 5 gasifiers in two lots from wci to eci This was executed on geared vessel after converting her to an Indian flag for the voyage. This was done in two voyages.

Movement of Pipes to BPCL refinery to Cochin

Successfully executed entire movement of 8000 cbm of pipes from factory to BPCL refinery. This job needed us to pick up the pipes from factory, load on geared vessel, offload at Cochin, store it, custom clear and deliver to the site. Same was done in two shipments with a geared vessel

Movement Transformers to South America

Successfully executed 6000 cbm of Transformers from Mumbai port to Uruguay in South America This was a critical execution looking at the nature of cargo and was one of the largest export of Transformers out of Mumbai port since last 2 years. Cargo was safely discharged onto barges.